CALVI Truffle infused Olive Oil Extra Virgin

CALVI Truffle infused Olive Oil Extra Virgin

Packing: 8.5 oz (250 ml) btl
Code: 5505IT

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From the Ligurian Riviera in Italy comes this premium truffle infused extra virgin olive oil made by Giuseppe Calvi & C. Although truly exceptional truffles are rare, very costly and hard to find, this olive oil will bring you the essence of Italy's best truffles without the expense. A few drops of the truffle olive oil will give the final touch of class to an unforgettable dish. Drizzled over a warm slice of bread, it makes an unusual, deeply flavored variation of garlic bread. This is an exotic condiment that will surely enhance any risotto, pasta and mushroom dish and also goes wonderful drizzled on cheese or salads. Truffle oils are generally not used in cooking, as the heat adulterates their flavors. Instead, they are added after a dish is prepared or used in salads and other cold dishes. You can add small amounts to soups, stews or sautes to add an additional layer of flavor. Truffle oil is often poured at the table, so that the full aroma can escape right in front of you. Giuseppe Calvi & C. has produced olive oils since 1921 and will surely surprise you with this excellent product!

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