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PAESANO Extra Virgin Olive Oil UNFILTERED 33.8 oz

PAESANO Extra Virgin Olive Oil UNFILTERED 33.8 oz

Packing: 33.8 oz (1 L)
Code: 5514IT

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First Cold Pressing – Grown and pressed in Sicily since 1916.

This award winning Paesano all natural and unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil is freshly produced oil, bottled immediately after the first pressing in mid October. It is undecanted, therefore appearing even cloudier and greener, more herbaceous and ‘pizzicante’ or spicier in flavor. A fresh and very genuine olive oil, only from the best olive trees on Paesano’s farms.

Like all genuine extra virgin olive oils, its appearance in the bottle is subject to changes over the passing of a year and its flavor becomes gradually mellower. It becomes clearer as the sediments drop to the bottom of the bottle and adopts a golden hue. You will also love the rather rustic look of Paesano’s bottle that makes this a great gift idea for any cooking lover!

Use this excellent product to finish up your salads, to drizzle in soups or on pasta. It is an exceptionally healthy addition to your diet, rich in polyphenols, which are known for their antioxidant effects lowering the risk of coronary diseases.

When chilled or in cold temperatures, the oil may turn cloudy. This is a natural process. The oil will clear as it warms, maintaining all of its properties.

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