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EUGENIO BREZZI Italian Black Truffle Oil 8.18 oz

EUGENIO BREZZI Italian Black Truffle Oil 8.18 oz

Packing: 8.18 oz (250 ml)
Code: 5532IT

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The magical sight of black and white tubers, the fragrance of the forest and the excitement of the man who found them and started to collect them – this, in a nutshell is Eugenio Brezzi Truffle Oil.

Our EUGENIO BREZZI authentic and sophisticated Italian black truffle flavored olive oil is produced by soaking fresh black winter truffles from Northern Italy in premium olive oil. The Black Truffle (Tuber Melaosporum Vitt.), commonly known as the Black Norcia or Périgord Truffle, is the best known truffle. Often referred to as a culinary diamond or pearl, it is, along with White Alba, without doubt the noblest truffle. It reaches full maturity from December to March and hence is named Black Winter Truffle, to distinguish it from the black Summer Truffle which is less valued. It has black wrinkled skin covered in tiny warts and a blackish-purple pulp when ripe with fine white veins which on cooking are tinged with pink and black. It is mainly used in traditional French cuisine and it is thanks to the expansion of this high-level cuisine that it now knows no boundaries. This aromatic and precious Italian condiment provides an easy way to incorporate the subtle flavor and aroma of the wild, black truffles into your recipes without the commitment of purchasing whole truffles.

Add this black truffle oil to meats while cooking or drizzle on pasta and risotto! You can try sprinkling it on foccacia bread or a savory seafood dish. Used sparingly it makes a “truffleicious” vinaigrette for special salads or vegetable dishes.

The land of Tuscany has seen many mythical and contradictory figures like the robber, the poacher and the wood cutter, but there were also those, who, like the very first men, simply went in search of the fruits of the forest; those who collected snails, picked mushrooms and searched for truffles. About 70 years ago, aided by a dog, Eugenio Brezzi set off to track down an underground mushroom; compact and fleshy whose intoxicating fragrance and exquisite flavor had led the ancient Greeks to believe that it was created when each peal of thunder discharged its energy onto the earth. These were the years immediately after the war when the forest represented, as it still does, shelter, a refuge and even sustenance. Thus, for pleasure and necessity, Eugenio began his search for truffles, going on to build up his very own family business for the processing of truffles and the manufacture of truffle products. The small firm grew rapidly, making a name for itself internationally.

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