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LA RUSTICHELLA White Truffle Olive Oil 17.7 fl oz

LA RUSTICHELLA White Truffle Olive Oil 17.7 fl oz

Packing: 17.7 fl oz (500 ml)
Price: $49.50
Code: 5536IT


The ambrosial lushness of the prized white truffle is distilled in this olive oil. Pungeant and rich, this versatile, gorgeous oil is infused with the sheer delicacy of the white truffle, one of the world’s greatest culinary treasures. To preserve the sublime white truffle aroma, avoid heating; drizzle on a little right before serving, for a dramatic transformation. Try it on pasta, focaccia, risotto, an omelet, asparagus or any salad, for an incredible treat. You’ll be tempted to put this elegant white truffle oil on everything and anything. What a find! Imported from Italy.

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