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MASSERIE DI SANT'ERAMO Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicate 8.5 oz

MASSERIE DI SANT'ERAMO Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicate 8.5 oz

Packing: 8.5 fl oz (250 ml)
Price Per Unit: $8.50
Price: $8.50
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The art of healthy eating for healthy living is the guiding principle behind Masserie di Sant'Eramo. The greatest example of this philosophy, which continues to receive worldwide recognition, lies in the Mediterranean Diet: the ultimate solution to our nutritional needs at every stage of life. The main component in the famous Mediterranean diet is the extra virgin olive oil, an essential part of any healthy nourishment. Moreover the use of artisan techniques, the perfect balance between nutritional properties and taste characterize every single gastronomic specialty.

Delicate MASSERI DI SANT'ERAMO Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a superior olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. A truly cold extracted extra virgin oil, it is made mainly from selected Ogliarola olives, grown in the valued groves in the Murge area of Apulia. These olives are pressed only once and within hours of harvest, without resorting to heat to increase yield artificially, thus preserving the oil’s exceptional smoothness, optimum bouquet and fruity complexity. The ‘Delicate’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used in both cold and hot dishes. It has a delicate fruity taste, with a hint of almonds and it is specially indicated as a condiment for delicate dishes such as for cooking fish, for making cakes and ‘hors d’oeuvres’. This great-tasting oil is bottled in dark green glass to safeguard its properties from light.

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