CAPIRETE Sherry Vinegar 12.7 oz

CAPIRETE Sherry Vinegar 12.7 oz

Packing: 1/12.7 oz bottle
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Produced and packed by D.Jose Paez Lobato in Jerez De La Frontera, España - DO JOSÉ PÁEZ LOBATO is a family enterprise specialized in the elaboration of fine Sherry Vinegar for the past 60 years. Their Sherry Vinegars are produced following the traditional solera system, as the great Sherry wines of Jerez – Xérès - Sherry.

The slow and careful preparation of this Sherry Vinegar give him an unique organoleptic characteristic: its amber colour, its delicate bouquet, its unique taste is due to a prolonged aging process in American Oak barrels.


Elaborater: Bodegas José Páez Lobato

Denomination of Origin: Sherry Vinegar

Variety of grape: Palomino

Aging: 4 years

Type of Barrels used for aging: American Oak barrels.

Type of bottle: Classic black glass Sherry wine.

Capacities available: 375 ml. / 750 ml.

Colour: Amber.

Bouquet: Delicate and fine to perfect vinegar.

Taste: Excellent to wine vinegar.

Acidity: 7º

Rules of conservation: Easy conservation, though it's preferable in cool place.

Usage: In small quantities, due to its high concentration in acidity and bouquet. Ideal for: Our Sherry Vinegars enhances all types of kitchen: dressing, cold sauces, meats, fish...


For 6/8 persons.

2 kgs ripe tomatoes, 1 sweet pepper, 1 cup wet bread, 1 medium size cucumber, 2 or 3 pieces of garlic, 8 spoons olive oil, 5 spoons Sherry Vinegar, salt, 1 liter water.

Slice tomatoes in halves and dispose them in a large bowl with the bread. Add diced cucumber and pepper and pureed garlic. Add olive oil and sherry vinegar and a pinch of salt. Add ½ liter of water and let stand for an hour. Pass the mixture through the blender until you obtain a soup and add vinegar and water to taste.

Serve refrigerated. You can serve with small dishes containing diced bread, diced cucumbers, onions and crumbed hard eggs.

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