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AMARELLI Pure Licorice Candy Spezzatina 1.4 oz

AMARELLI Pure Licorice Candy Spezzatina 1.4 oz

Packing: 1.4 oz (40 g)
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Price: $5.50
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AMARELLI Pure Licorice Candy Spezzatina is 100 percent natural licorice, smaller than the Spezzata pure licorice candies. The pure taste of Italy! The British Encyclopaedia declares Calabrian licorice to be the best in the world. We can’t argue with that assessment! Created from the sap extracted from the root of a wild legume, glycyrrhiza glabra, licorice root, literally “sweet root,” as Hippocates called it, is 50 times sweeter than sugar. These delightful lozenges are all natural and free of sugar and additives. They are sweetened only by the genuine licorice root.

These dainty and decorative little tins, not to mention what’s inside them, are perfect for keeping in your pocket or glove compartment to enjoy and share. They are the perfect little gift and make unusual stocking stuffers for your friends of discriminating tastes.

The therapeutic and healing properties and distinctive flavor and aroma of licorice have been prized for over 5,000 years. Historical records show that the Amarelli family, noticing the licorice growing wild on their considerable family estate, established in 1731 an enterprise to extract the juice of this beneficial plant. Thus licorice candy was born. The Amarelli family founded the Giorgio Amarelli Licorice Museum in 2001 and was awarded the Guggenheim Culture and Business Prize the same year. An Italian Artistic and Cultural Heritage postage stamp was also dedicated to the Amarelli company in 2004. The factory and museum are located in Rossano, in the historic Byzantine center of Calabria.

Among the reputed health benefits of natural licorice are its ability to raise blood glucose levels quickly, for diabetics. Doctors recommend licorice candy to patients trying to kick a habit, from smoking to nail biting. Soothing to the throat for singers and speakers, it also can act as a mild laxative and help regulate digestion. According to holistic experts, black licorice aids in loosening mucus, for relief from sinus infections, flu or cold. Furthermore, it’s said to reduce fevers and inflammation and ease symptoms of arthritis and menopause.

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