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QUARANTA Italian Torrone or Soft Nougat 12 pack special 12 - 3.5 oz

QUARANTA Italian Torrone or Soft Nougat 12 pack special 12 - 3.5 oz

Packing: 12 / 3.5 oz (12 / 100 g)
Price: $56.45
Code: 6032IT


The best gift for any sweets or soft nougat fan! When you see these offerings, youíll understand our passion for nougat, food of the gods! Traditional Italian soft nougat, or torrone, is an amazing confection based on egg whites, whipped frothy, with a touch of honey and chocked full of roasted nuts. These bars are as gorgeous as they are tasty and chewy and will be the stocking stuffer or hostess gift that anybody on your list will know how to make excellent use of. Produced by Quaranta Confectionery in the heart of old Caravaggio, in Italyís Bergamo province.

Our 12 pack soft nougat special consists of twelve bars with two each of the following delicious flavors:

Soft Nougat with Coffee: The coffee-loverís nougat, flavored with coffee, garnished with crunchy coffee beans, and squeezed in with plenty of hazelnuts and almonds.

Soft Nougat with Raisins and Rum: Rum raisins lend their dulcet tones to this mouthwatering, chocolate-swirled chorus of chewy-crunchy nougat goodness, harmonizing with almonds and hazelnuts.

Soft Nougat with Mascarpone: with the unctuous flavor of Mascarpone, the voluptuous traditional Italian cheese, in loving partnership with almonds and hazelnuts.

Soft Nougat with Gianduja Hazelnuts: Topped with hazelnuts and blended with Gianduja, a sweet chocolate-hazelnut paste named after a Carnival marionette typifying the Piedmontese, a native of the region in Italy where hazelnut confections originated.

Soft Nougat with Dark Chocolate: Crunchy-topped with rich dark chocolate, atop a swirled cocoa-infused nougat, and crowded with almonds and hazelnuts.

Soft Nougat with Almonds: classic, snowy-white nougat with almonds in a starring role, backed up by hazelnuts.

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