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BARBERO Soft Torroncini Nougat Pieces with Piedmontese Hazelnuts 8.8 oz

BARBERO Soft Torroncini Nougat Pieces with Piedmontese Hazelnuts 8.8 oz

Packing: 8.8 oz (250 g)
Code: 6036IT

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BARBERO'S handcrafted individually packaged and bite-sized torroncini with Piedmontese I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication) hand selected hazelnuts are a traditional Italian holiday treat. Made according to an original recipe which dates back from 1883, these delightful nougats are crafted without jelly, but rather still made of egg whites. The soft type is steamed for about 2 hours, then shaped, cut in small pieces and cooled on marble tables for one day.

Torrone is a typical Italian sweet, already known by the Romans, which had great diffusion in Italy in the Middle Ages. In Piedmont, it is mainly produced in the areas Asti and Balba, using hazelnuts as the major ingredients. The honey used comes exclusively from Piedmontese beehives and is called "Millefiori" honey, having a clear color with a high percentage of acacia honey blended with alpine flowers honey. The result is a product with a wonderful taste and a delicate perfume, which give to the Torrone of Asti particular features making it different from any other. For about 300 years, torrone was produced by different artisans who exclusively used local products, giving superior features in comparison with the other existing torroni. Towards the end of 1700s, a pastry chef from Asti took the best ingredient of each recipe and created the current recipe which is still used for the production of the torrone of Asti.

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