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Zesty Garlic Crostini 7 oz

Zesty Garlic Crostini 7 oz

Packing: 7 oz (200 g)
Code: 6080IT

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Taste the tradition of authentic crostini, a southern Italian crisp bread! These rustic, natural and simple crostini crackers come from the humble traditions of home baking. In a practical and thrifty country custom, bits of dough left over from baking fresh bread were kneaded with a little olive oil and garlic or herbs and rolled into sheets. Then cut into rectangles, they were baked into dry, crisp crostini, which stayed delicious and filled in for fresh bread in between baking days. Handy and tasty then as now, these garlic-savory crostini are a genuine Italian treat. All natural ingredients: just wheat flour, oil, sea salt, yeast and garlic. Zesty Garlic Crostini hit the spot served with antipasti (appetizer) dips and spreads, salami and cheeses.

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