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Rosemary Grissini 9 oz

Rosemary Grissini 9 oz

Packing: 9 oz (250 g)
Code: 6082IT

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These crunchy-crisp breadsticks not only dress up any table but also add a note of fun. Life’s too short to eat the ordinary!

The famous Grissini, occasionally mistaken for an everyday breadstick, is anything but. As a proud native of the north of Italy, these extraordinary Grissini breadsticks have earned the recognition they deserve with the help of the artisans of ISOLA, and the addition of the irresistible flavor of rosemary.

Always welcome everywhere, Rosemary Grissini breadsticks hold their own in the company of the finest antipasti. The perfect accompaniment to salads or soups, or with spreads or dips for a snack or appetizer, these Grissini breadsticks know how to transform any meal. Purely natural and made fresh, these breadsticks have no artificial ingredients: no preservatives, additives or hydrogenated oils. Only the finest flour, olive oil, a little brewer’s yeast, salt, malt and the right touch of zesty rosemary.

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