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CATA Spanish Chestnut Honey with Walnuts

CATA Spanish Chestnut Honey with Walnuts

Packing: 8.82 oz (250 g)
Price: $16.35
Code: 6100SP


Produced only in high-mountain and wooded regions, declared "Natural Parks" or "Reserves of the Biosphere" in Asturias, along the northern coast of Spain, Cata's chestnut honeys will surprise you with their very own characteristics, influenced by the Asturian climate, flora and personal care of the beekeepers. Walnut halves are submerged in this special honey, soaking up all the flavors and aromas to be enjoyed especially with cheeses like brie or soft goat cheese but just as much on toast, pancakes, on top of ice cream or parfait.

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