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RIGONI DI ASIAGO Italian Organic Chestnut Honey 10.58 oz

RIGONI DI ASIAGO Italian Organic Chestnut Honey 10.58 oz

Packing: 10.58 oz (300g)
Code: 6102IT

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RIGONI DI ASIAGO Organic Chestnut Honey is exceptionally aromatic with a slightly bitter after taste. The chestnut, cultivated for centuries for its fruit, is a tree common throughout Italy, from the Piedmont to Sicily. In the fullness of summer, from its flowers is obtained this fluid honey with a color that varies from amber to deep brown. This honey is delicious in yogurt or with cheese, or in cream-based pastries.

The Rigoni family has been beekeeping in the Asiago Plateau in Italy since the first World War. Rigoni di Asiago was among the earliest Italian companies to commit to organic farming and production back in 1992. Their aim is to produce the most purely delicious and nutritious honey possible by keeping their hives far from urban and heavily farmed areas where pollution would disrupt the bee’s natural honey production. Laboratory tests further certify the chemical-free purity of their products. The company also takes care to ensure that its production and economic growth are environmentally friendly.

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