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RIGONI DI ASIAGO Fiordifrutta Organic Fig Fruit Spread 9.17 oz

RIGONI DI ASIAGO Fiordifrutta Organic Fig Fruit Spread 9.17 oz

Packing: 14.11 oz (411 g)
Price: $7.50
Code: 6106IT


RIGONI DI ASIAGO FiordiFrutta Organic Fig Fruit Spread is an all-organic jam, naturally sweetened with the juice of wild apples. With all the flavor and qualities of fresh-harvested fruits, this spread is delicious on bread, or to garnish desserts and pastries, in smoothies or with yogurt or cheese. This fig fruit spread partners agreeably with nearly anything, but semi-dry cheeses in particular.

Fig trees, cultivated for millennia in the Mediterranean, were viewed as tree of oracles by the ancient Greeks. The preferred fruit of athletes and gladiators in ancient Rome, the fig was valued for its energy-giving properties and is seen as a symbol of fertility in northern Africa. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, the flesh of the fig is savory and sweet. Itís said to provide therapeutic qualities, including as a gentle laxative.

Beginning as beekeepers in the Asiago Plateau during the first World War, the Rigoni family was among the first Italian companies to commit to organic production in 1992. We also offer Rigoni di Asiago Forest Honey, Chestnut Honey, Nocchiolata Organic Hazelnut Spread, and FiordiFrutta Rose Hip Organic Fruit Spread. From raw materials to the delicious result, these products come from a deliberate choice to care for the environment as well as the consumer. Laboratory tests certify the chemical-free purity of their products.

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