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MAINA Il Gran Pandoro 2.2 lbs

MAINA Il Gran Pandoro 2.2 lbs

Packing: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
Code: 6137IT

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The MAINA Pandoro or "golden bread", is dear to the Italian heart, a taste of childhood Holiday memories with vanilla and a hint of lemon. A natually leavened sweet yeast bread, Pandoro's eight-point star form, mounting to a high peak, is reminiscent of the snowy peaks of the Italian Alps in the winter season. Reserved for the nobility in ancient times, Pandoro was such a favorite of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini that he even feasted on it as his last meal before his execution.

Superior quality of the ingredients and the slow and harmonious processes result in the incredibly soft and delicate MAINA Pandoro. It comes complete with powder sugar to coat before serving. Delicious served with a little vanilla gelato or Chantilly cream.
Packaged festively and beautifully, this will be a lovely gift and stunning addition to the festive table!
No GMOs, preservatives or colorants are used.

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