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RECLA Speck Alto Adige Ham Italy price per lb

RECLA Speck Alto Adige Ham Italy price per lb

Packing: approx 4 lbs (2 kg)
Code: 7010IT

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A famous dry-cured ham, RECLA Speck Alto Adige Ham from Italy shares its name with a German pork product, but while German Speck is basically lard, Italian Speck has some similar characteristics to smoked bacon. However unlike American bacon that comes from belly portion of the hog (same as Pancetta), Speck is made from the hog’s leg. Speck originates from the Alto Adige region where it is still a homemade process protected by a Protected Geographical Indication designation. It is the first regional product of Alto Adige to achieve that distinguished status.

The meat is seasoned with salt and spices that include pepper, laurel, juniper berries and allspice, before being allowed to rest for about a month. Speck is then smoked using flavorful beechwood, ash or juniper for ten days. The meat is then aged again for several months to produce a recognizable aroma and flavor, a distinct red interior, with a smokey, slightly spicy but buttery taste, is less salty than many dry-cured hams. Lean and fine-textured, mild yet aromatic, Speck is often served sliced thin or diced but can also be used to cook with, easily replacing bacon or as a smoky alternative to Pancetta.


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