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MOLINARI Salame Toscano price per lb

MOLINARI Salame Toscano price per lb

Packing: approx 3.7 lbs (1.7 kg)
Code: 7022IT

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MOLINARI Salame Toscano is a tangy, traditional Tuscan style, dry pork salame, coarsely chopped and stuffed in easy peel casing. Just the right temperature and humidity conditions for a nice slow drying make this salami just the right blend of tender and chewy. Serve sliced thin on a salame platter--it may be the first to disappear!--with a light Chianti.

P.G. Molinari and Sons is a name synonymous with excellence in Italian sausage and salami since 1896. Since 14-year-old P.G. Molinari left the Piedmont region of Italy in 1884 and arrived in San Francisco to work in the city’s first salami production plant, the company has continued to grow its traditional art of Italian sausage making through four generations. Their quality service and products continue to this day with a wide variety of authentic Italian-style salamis and sausages.


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