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TERMA Amargo Cuyano 1.5 liter

TERMA Amargo Cuyano 1.5 liter

Packing: 1.5 liter plastic btl
Code: 8020SA

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Amargo Cuyano, contains herbs from the Andes range in Cuyo region, such as juniper and gentian. It is said that tribes from the American Southwest prepared a drink based on the maceration of wild herbs thought by them to have invigorating and energizing qualities. This beverage was the predecessor of Terma. In 1931, this Indian tradition was picked up, and a small soda water plant was set up in Alta Gracia (Province of Córdoba, Argentina) where, with chemistry books and an enterprising spirit, Terma Serrano was finally developed. Drink it cold with ice, soda water or regular water and maybe even a slice of lemon.

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