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LORENZO Organic Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Flight in Gift Box 3 x 16.9 oz

LORENZO Organic Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Flight in Gift Box 3 x 16.9 oz

Packing: 3 x 16.9 fl oz (3 x 500ml)
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The Barbera family has been producing Sicilian olive oil in Palermo since 1894. The Lorenzo line is an assortment of three distinct and limited production olive oils, created to celebrate three generations of Lorenzos in the Barbera family.

LORENZO NO.1 is dedicated to company founder Lorenzo Sr.; like him, it has a strong “personality.” The most fruity of the three Lorenzo oils, it is produced from 100 percent Organic Cerasuola D.O.P. Valli Trapanesi olives. Lorenzo #1 is a slightly dense oil, brilliant green in color with golden yellow reflections, spicy with a persistent herbaceous and intensely fruity flavor. Well-rounded taste with green tomato and almond finish - use to perfect great dishes and to enhance the flavor of any Sicilian inspired meal.

LORENZO 3, made from the best organic fruits of Central Sicily of the Biancolilla variety, this precious single olive extra virgin olive oil has a mild fruity flavor and a well rounded taste with light peppery finish. A slightly dense oil, golden yellow in color, with a mild almond aroma. Lorenzo #3 is excellent on salads and seafood dishes.

LORENZO #5 is a simply unique oil using a single olive variety (100% Nocellara del Belice), where the stone (pit) of the olive is extracted first, eliminating the bitter component of the olive, thereby creating an dense, bright golden oil of noted creaminess with a delicately spiced aroma. Use Lorenzo #5 in place of cream or to amplify the flavors of any great dish.

This flight of exceptional Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oils is packaged in a sturdy and elegant gift box, making it an easy gift for the olive oil lover!

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