DESSERTS Italian Gelato Limone Sorbetto 6 lb

DESSERTS Italian Gelato Limone Sorbetto 6 lb

Packing: 6 lb (2.6 kg)
Code: DSGF100

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G7Gelati was started in 1958 and has been built around the preservation of making hand-made Italian ice creams as it used to be and maintaining the best quality. Kept in the family and now owned by the third generation, the company has grown significantly but still fills every tub of gelato by hand ensure even distribution of product and filling! The brand Siviero Maria was created for the grandfathers wife and has kept traditional and exceptional flavor, while adding new flavors and fillings as demand has needed.

The intense flavor of Sicilian natural lemon juice will refresh and restore your senses. Ideal for any occasion, it's the perfect option after any meal. If serving a coursed meal, use as an intermezzo to cleanse your guests’ palates and get them ready for the next dish. The foodservice size tub will fit easily in your freezer and don’t worry about it not getting eaten – it may be gone before you get your last serving!

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