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Lardo Ibérico de Bellota by Dehesa Cordobesa 1.1 lb

Lardo Ibérico de Bellota by Dehesa Cordobesa 1.1 lb

Packing: 1.1 lb
Price: $29.50
Code: GG-1647

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Not just any Lardo but the back fat of 100% acorn-fed purebred Ibérico pigs, cured for 30 days with herbs! There is nothing better out there, a product of excellence so rich and flavorful that it will add new dimensions to any dish. Sliced in very thin, translucent slices, this Iberico de Bellota Lardo will melt on your tongue. Best served on warm toasted bread or try it with tomatoes or anchovies for a wonderful tapa!

Keep refrigerated, but serve at room temperature, sliced very thin.

The producer Dehesa Cordobesa in El Valle de Los Pedroches in Córdoba has 400,000 hectares of Holm oak forest. These oak trees produce acorns considered to be the sweetest in Spain. It is here they allow their 100% purebred Ibérico pigs to roam freely. During autumn and winter, the pigs feed on acorns, which contribute to the meat’s juicy flavor and marbled appearance.

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