Customer Comments

“Yes, I have been enjoying the mate. The yerba mate with guarana is very good first thing in the morning. I enjoy the new (to me) taste very much. My weekdays start early, 4:30am, and yerba mate is enough to get me through the morning without the overload feeling I get from drinking a couple cups of coffee. There is no caffeine crash from yerba mate later in the day either and since I am not done with work and school until about 6:30pm, that's a blessing.


Thank you for the recent shipment of yerba mate Canarias, I have been ordering yerba mate from your company for a number of years since I discovered that you carried my favorite brand of mate. Shipment times seem to be getting quicker, other than the customs clearance who believe I must be a business based on the amount of yerba mate consumed! The response is always professional and courteous when a order is placed and I get to enjoy my yerba mate without traveling the 17,000 kilometers to Uruguay to pick up a pack.


“Hola Amigos, Queria darles las gracias por todos los maravillosos productos. Todo los productos llegaron bien y todo estaba delicioso! Me encanto los alfajores, el te yerba mate y especialmente el chimichurri....Que rico! I loved it all!. El papa de mi esposo es Argentino y su mama es Colombiana. Los mios son Dominicanos y mi esposo y yo nacimos aqui en USA (New York) Cuando mi suegro y yo conversamos siempre me cuenta historias de si magnifico lindo pais Argentina. Mis suegros son tan lindos conmigo que queria sorprenderlos. Les encantaron que compráramos los instrumentos para beber el mate y tambien la yerba mate taragui.... por cierto la bombilla esta bellisima! Muchisimas gracias por su buena calidad de productos y gracias por estar al pendiente de mi pedido. Sus amigos Argentinos, Colombianos, Italiano y Dominicanos desde N.Y.C Manhattan ;-)”


“Thanks so much for the alfajores! It's been about 10 years since I had any, and we ripped into the box the second it came. Such a welcome treat to start the week off. I also wanted to pass along my compliments. Y'all are the gold standard when it comes to customer service. You truly do go out of your way to make the customers feel like family, and it shows! Thanks again!”

-John N.

“As always, I'm so happy to get my yerba mate order from your company. I used to enjoy talking to Manny when I would call and order by phone. I was sorry to hear about your loss. So say Hi to Cuqui for me. I hope she remembers meeting me in Texas.”


“Yes, the order was great. It arrived really fast too which was awesome. I used the cookies for a presentation in my spanish class (the presentation was on yerba mate…I lived in Buenos Aires for 2 years) and everyone LOVED the cookies. I will be ordering from you again. Thanks!”

-Jaime L

“I had been searching for Di Negris 12 Star Balsamic for 2 years. You came, saw and conquered. Thank you. I will be ordering again. It was a pleasure to do business w/you, especially liked the follow up call.”


“Now that I am "Family" I was hoping you could see you way clear to loan me $100.00. Great products. Great prices. Great service.”


“Your service is excellent. the mate is always fresh & your selection of products is fantastic. Keep up the good work!”


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