We are very proud to offer for the 2nd year in a row our Valentine’s Day Gourmet Take-Home Dinner for Two which can be ordered via telephone as well as through our website HERE!
This chef-selected, top of the line menu is intended for pick up from our San Antonio warehouse ONLY (NO SHIPPING!) and features the option of 3 or 4 easy to enjoy courses for 2 people complete with stress-free set up and heating instructions perfect for the busy food lovers. A selection of fine French wines and champagne by Alexander Vineyards is also available for purchase at pick up or on this page below to complete your romantic dinner in the peaceful environment of your home. We hope you will enjoy our menu selection with your "Special Someone"!

    DAILY TO GO MENU - Starting Saturday, November 1st 2014!

    Our brand new, daily to to menu will have you coming back for more. Featuring:
    Artisanal Sandwiches:Using only our best meats and cheeses, we believe in utilizing great quality product in simple ways. These no fuss sandwiches are straightforward and delicious. Nothing over-the-top or unnecessary goes on them, but we promise that each bite is packed with flavor!
    Gourmet Sausages:Fresh off the rollers, these sausages are juicy and scrumptious with flavors from North to South!! Choose from four different kinds including all different game - duck, all natural chicken, pork, and berkshire hog. For big flavor and a protein packed sandwich this will surely become a go-to lunch item!
    Snacks and Appetizers:These quick bites are great options for a lighter fare without all that bread! The meat and cheese tray travel great and will cure that hunger pang in time. For a very healthy option, try the Citrus Tuna and Fagioli Bean Salad with Italian tuna with some crackers!
    Pasta Salads:These tasty treats are packed full of flavor and the best ingredients. From the classic flavors of a caprese salad to the Mediterranean flavors of antipasti, these are great options with no mess. Lunch has just been simplified and a meal to be desired!
    Desserts and Sides:Don't forget your chips and a little sweet something!! Just in - we have fantastic chips from Spain in EVOO and truffle flavors, mini bread sticks in a variety of flavors, and more. End your meal the right way by sharing a tiramisu with a friend or coworker. Be careful, everyone will want to know where you got these tasty treats from!!

      ARTISAN PARTY PLATTERS - featuring fine Meat & Cheese Platters, Hot and Cold Appetizers as well as Desserts!
      Hosting a birthday party, baby shower, office party or just a nice get-together with family and friends - Let us take care of all your party needs for you! View our PARTY PLATTER MENU. and see how easy and delicious it can be to WOW your company with hand-selected, artisan meats & cheese platters and accompaniments!

        GIFTING CATALOGUE 2014 - featuring a selection of our specialty gift baskets, artisan vinegar sets and traditional holiday cakes.
        Take a look at our catalogue including pictures and item description, select your favorite(s), fill out the order form and fax or email it to us. Your food loving friends and family members will certainly LOVE IT! And please just give us a call at the warehouse at 210-277-7930 if you have any questions. Download the catalogue HERE!

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