Welcome to the NEW GauchoGourmet

GauchoGourmet has gotten an extreme make-over. First and foremost, let us highlight to all our loyal 20,000 customers over the last 15 years, that this is the SAME FAMILY since 1996, just with a whole new look. If you have shopped with us before, we are sure that you notice the changes. If you have not shopped with us before, well? Don't worry about the changes, just enjoy the visit...and by the way, we are expecting over 100 new products, so stay tuned more good stuff.

The entire family has spent endless hours to design a site that makes your shopping experience much more friendly, informative, and interactive. We have added several features to improve the navigation such as a steady home panel, easy-access pull-down category menu, suggested products, and Specials page. To express our gratitude, we have enhanced your account with a Rewards Program where you receive 5% back on your product total, added access to your order history, express check-out and easy re-ordering. To keep you informed of all the exciting things happening at GauchoGourmet, we have also opened up a Facebook and Twitter account and will send you our regular newsletters with new product information, specials, discounts and more.

And to give you the most complete culinary experience on the net, GauchoGourmet and Celebrity Chef Author Scott Cohen will now partner to offer an unequalled access to a Chef of this caliber by featuring "Talk Shop with our Chef", an online forum that will include Cooking Video Demos, Restaurant Secrets, Scottie's Recipes, Cooking with Your Kids, Ask the Chef One-on-One, Kitchen Stories, Great Products from Around the World and more.

Just in case you wonder where the name GauchoGourmet came from…..A Gaucho is the equivalent to the North American Cowboy, but from Argentina and more specifically, from the South American pampas, and Patagonian grasslands. A Gaucho and a Cowboy are alike in many ways, but what binds them together the most, is the love for the land, the animals, nature and the quietness, peace and simplicity of the country life. A Gaucho's diet is composed almost entirely of beef, supplemented by yerba mate, an herbal tea-like drink extremly rich in nutrients. In a nut shell, that is a Gaucho.

Now add to this the Argentine origin of our family; its European tradition and history; its deep love for food of great quality…put them in Texas, and you have GauchoGourmet.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us and please…..make yourself at home!

Mama Cuqui (Cookie), Luciano and Sylvia Ciorciari.