A lot of people are interested in trying Yerba Mate but get spooked at first by the "complicated process" of curing the gourd and preparing the mate. In reality, yerba mate is very easy to drink if you just get passed this point. In this section we intend to guide and help those interested in Yerba Mate but who are unsure of how to go about drinking it.



If you like to try drinking Yerba Mate the traditional way, you will need 3 things: the yerba mate tea, a gourd and a bombilla. We recommend buying smaller quantities or packages of yerba mate at first, in case you do not like the taste or particular flavor you chose. Something like a 1 lb bag would suffice for giving it a try. Also, pick a gourd that is easy to use and clean. And the same goes for the bombilla or sipper. We offer a complete starter kit by AMANDA that pretty much combines all of these features and includes an entry level yerba that is most suitable for beginners. Best of all, the gourd is made of ceramic, so you do not need to worry about the 'dreaded' curing process.


  • NOT NECESSARILY. Curing your gourd is recommended, but it is not necessary. In Argentina, it is a practice to simply consider the first two times that you use the mate as the curing itself. Just prepare the mate and drink it as normal. Once finished, do not remove the yerba from the gourd but instead let it sit overnight and the next day you can proceed to clean it out. Repeat this process twice and you are good to go. A good starting gourd for this is this traditional one with a nice decorative top rim.
  • YOU CAN SKIP THE CURING COMPLETELY. You could also just use a metal mate or wooden mate and avoid the entire curing process. These items suit your needs:


  • No, you can easily drink yerba mate by using a coffee machine or French press, as iced tea, and even in tea bags. For more recommendations, click here.
  • If you like TEA BAGS and want to keep it easy then just get a pack of mate cocido or yerba mate tea bags and call it a day. Brew it and drink it just like tea. While the effects are not exactly the same as drinking it loose with the gourd, it is a much easier, convenient way if that is what you are looking for. Our choice is (Add picture of item 1151MA below item add "Buy Now" and link it to item.


If you like a more NATURAL, GRASSY taste, you could easily start with a traditional yerba mate like Cruz de Malta.

If you think you might like a little fruit or herbal flavor added then browse through our selection of FLAVORED yerba mate where you can find varieties with peach, apple, orange, lemon and more. Our favorite one is CBSE Silueta with Natural Herbs and Apple Bits.
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If you prefer a CLEANER, MORE ORGANIC flavor then we recommend Kraus Organic Yerba Mate.

We hope this information makes it easier for you to get started and enjoy yerba mate. We hope that once you try it you will get hooked on it and enjoy it just as much as we and the other millions of yerba mate drinkers do every day.

If you have any further questions regarding this or any other subject, just email us at gaucho@gauchogourmet.com.

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